How We Price

Trash Podâ„¢ Rental - Less Expensive Alternative to High-Priced Dumpsters

DeleteMyTrash - Full Service with 2 menOur Trash Podâ„¢ rental service is offered for 3 full days for a flat rate price of $349.99 + Applicable Tax

  • No Additional Fees or Surcharges
  • No Weight Limits
  • No Permits Needed
  • No Worries
  • Need it for longer? No problem. Ask a rep about availability and low daily rate.

Full-Service Junk Removal

Our Full-Service junk removal option is priced by volume and starts at an industry low of $89.00

  • Price includes all fees such as labor, disposal, and fuel
  • We always offer free, no-obligation estimates
  • We recycle as much as 70% of what we take in which off-sets dumping costs allowing us to offer customers a low rate that can't be beat.

Flash video depicting how DeleteMyTrash service works.

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Special Event Trash Management

Whether it's a small party or a large event, we can handle all your trash management needs from waste containers, on-site management, and post-event cleanup.

  • Call us for a free, no-obligation estimate and see how we can help!

Need Labor?

Sometime customers just need help moving large items or prepare for a move- our team can help

Two team members for only $75.00 for the first hour and $55.00 for each additional hour

We Recycle over 70% of the trash we collect