1. Are you only self-service junk removal?

    No!!!! We also offer Full-Service which allows you to let us do all of the heavy lifting and loading all on your schedule, not ours. This gives our customers the flexibility that they deserve when cleaning out their home, business, or yard. This is where we differ from the other junk removal companies that pick up and move to the next job. It also can be much affordable!

  2. Can I schedule help in the evening time?

    Yes!! Many of our customers have a nine to five and "after five" has generally become a popular request.

  3. How does this work? (Most asked question).

    Select to Rent a Trash Pod™ and We Deliver it… You load it… We pick it up… Simple!


    Select Full Service and let us do all of the lifting, loading, and removal while you relax.

  4. Who do you work with?

    Our customers are both residential and commercial customers, looking for either self-service waste, debis, and junk removal or full-service cleaning. Its our flexibility to serve you, that makes us the best.

  5. Do I need a permit to park a Trash Pod™ in my neighborhood?

    With a dumpster, you will often be required to obtain a permit to have it dropped at your location. However, with a Trash Pod™ you avoid this unnecessary complication entirely since almost all municipalities do not require permits as each Trash Pod™ is a registered vehicle.

  6. What do you do with my junk/trash?

    Up to 70 percent of it finds its way to a recycling plant or is donated to non-profit organizations. Ask about a receiving a tax rebate receipt.

  7. Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, we accept cash, check or major credit cards which are processed on-site using a secure wireless terminal.

  8. Why are you better than the other junk removal specialists?

    We think there are at least a million different reasons but the one we wish to point out is what we call the "convenience factor." You have up to 3 days to decide what to dispose of; you don't have to do it all at once. You can choose to do a couple hours now and couple hours later. No worrying about our trademarked Trash Pod™ sinking into your lawn or driveway because they weigh far less than industrial dumpsters. You can also choose the Full Service option and let our crew do all of the work for you.

  9. Does the Trash Pod™ come with any equipment?

    Yes. Every Trash Pod™ comes with Shovel, Rake, Broom, and Contractor Trash Bags (if requested).

  10. What can I put in a Trash Pod™?

    Just about anything including, furniture, appliances, construction materials, yard waste, renovation debris, garbage, etc. (the list goes on and on).

  11. What am I Prohibited from putting in the Trash Pod™?

    Hazardous materials such as chemical based paint, batteries, asbestos, solvents, oil drums, and propane tanks, as well as very-dense material such as brick and concrete.

  12. Do I pay less if I only want it for 1 day, not the contracted 3days?

    No. It is one flat rate for up to 72 hours, which tends to be more than enough. However, should you need it longer, there a nominal daily fee beyond the 72 hour period.

  13. What can fit in a Trash Pod™?

    DeleteMyTrash TrashPod DimensionsThe dimensions are 12 ft by 6 ft by 6 ft (equivalent of a 16 yard dumpster). It tends to be larger than you think and it often used to cleanout entire basements, homes, attics, and garages. We are always happy to send out a representative to give you a free, no-obligation estimate.

  14. Can you deliver the Trash Pod™ if I am not on site?

    Yes, we are flexible and strive to suite your needs.

  15. Do you offer a discount on large scale service requests?

    Yes, we work to bring savings to our customers as best we can.

We Recycle over 70% of the trash we collect