About Us

DeleteMyTrash is America's First Trash Pod™ company and is the first to offer commercial or residential customers the option of renting a Trash Pod™ or selecting full-service junk removal priced by volume. We continue to raise the bar within the industry by donating and recycling as much as 70% of what we take in or more. This allows us to offset our dumping costs and offer all of our customers the lowest rates, guaranteed.

How We Started

The company began in 2007 when the founders noticed the need for a closed container option.  At the time, they were renovating a home and therefore, needed a dumpster. At the end of each day, they would head home and return in the morning only to find that the neighborhood used their dumpster as if it were their own. In the end, the founders ended up order 4 dumpsters when all they needed was one. There had to be an easier way. It was at that time they came up with the idea for a Trash Pod™, a 16 cubic yard container that can didn't require permits, could fit where traditional dumpsters couldn't, and  best of all, could be closed and locked at night.

Our Future

Since then, has grown to become the Tri-State area's leading junk removal service. We now have three offices that allows us to serve out customers faster, work with over 15 charities, and are members of various trade associations such as the National Association of Professional Organizers. Our next step is to become the leading Junk Removal Franchise to meet the demand of our services throughout the United States and beyond.

We Recycle over 70% of the trash we collect